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Gypsy Thief Photo Shoot

12 Jun

Here are some photographs of my recent work taken by the amazing Miss Bohie Palecek. They will be used to make a 2011 catalogue that will be going towards my new brand ‘Gypsy Thief’ (ode to Mr Leonard Cohen).

Screen Printed Fabric – 100% Silk Dupion

Hand made leather bag featuring geometric emroidered panel.

My Boots

Butterfly Drawing

Screen printed vintage silk chiffon shirt and dream catcher

Screen printed vintage denim shirt and hand made feather necklace

Screen printed shirt – detail

Poncho made from recycled scarf

Screen printed 100% cotton back velvet

Screen Printed 100% silk velvet

Hand embroidered ribbon.

Screen printed vintage scarf.

Sample Printing

9 May

Finally it is that time of year where I have transfered some of my drawings to screen and started sampling what kind of fabrics I would like to print on. I have mostly been printing on silks and velvet: unfortunately these two fabrics are notoriously hard to photograph, I  not sure that the images I have included really do them much justi I have included the original sepia ink drawing for my large geometric repeat pattern, just to show the process of the original artwork and then how I translate that into repeat.

Here is the original drawing.

This is my repeat design form the drawing. This print is on silk dupion.

Some of my samples folded on my desk…

Detail of the same print on olive green dupion.

Blue on blue.

Velvet sample. This picture really doesn’t do it any justice.

Velvet detail.

Another detail of the velvet.

My messy desk in the studio…

Hand Drawn Designs

8 Mar

Here are some drawings I have been working on for screen print designs. I have thinking alot about animals lately, mainly horses and insects. Alot of these drawings are inspired by song lyrics or passages from books. I recently read Sexing the Cherry by Jeanette Winterson, and I was really taken by the passage describing Fortunata (one of the twelve dancing princesses). For some reason it made me think alot about insects again, which initiated this series of drawings. I have included some of the text to help with the imagery. The rest are just scans from my sketch book.










Terms of Poetry

10 Jun

I wanted to incorporate text into my work some how, so I have been looking at stencil and transfer printing techniques to do this. I have been inspired by terms of poetry. I have been looking at putting them onto clothing, which I see as a way of personifying these terms, as the wearer humanises the word which is usually used in reference to literature . I think some people’s personalities can be described well this way. I am a paradox….

Here are some samples I have stenciled on stockings: they are prototypes for a range of stockings I want to make. These have been greatly inspired by the lyrics of Ani Difranco, which I think is pretty obvious for those of you who know her work…..

Detail: the lighter purple print is a transfer print with manutex dye. The darker black is a direct stencil print also with manutex.

Ethos, Pathos and Logos: The modes of persuasion. I beleive that everyone has these aspects to their personality in varying degrees.

This one is hand painted: pretty obvious because it is not as neat as the stenciled ones. I kind of like it messy though.

Assessment Time….

9 Jun

Once again it is that time of year! Art School assessment is just around the corner. Here are some pictures I took whilst I was sorting through the piles of fabric my desk was hiding under….

Horse repeat pattern on recylced woven fabric.

Monochromatic design drawings for tapestry belts.

I have been printing on second hand hankercheifs. I love the vintage floral patterns. These designs are from feathers that I scanned.

A sample print on green silk that I framed.

One of my prints on stocking fabric.

Print on old sheet music.

Print on cheesecloth. The cheesecloth was originally a cream colour, but I dyed it to be this colour.

Detail of a lace shirt with bug print.

Artist Study – Publisher Textiles

4 Jun

I thought I would share with you guys the work of Sydney based screen printing company Publisher Textiles. They specialise in beautiful hand printed fabrics and wallpapers all of which is hand produced at a professionally high standard. Publisher Textiles is a creative collaboration between Mark and Rhynie Cawood, who both obviously posess a great eye for design and passion screen printing.

Here are some images of their work

(all screen shots taken from their website)

Psykatt – Black on white

Interior of the Ruby Rabbit in Sydney: Note the awesome wallpaper.

Arachnid – Yellow on white

They have also recently posted on their website their new range of winter scarves which are awesome! If you want to check them out head to

Record Inspired Print

25 May

Here are some images of a print that I did last semester. The concept was “my favorite thing”, and I chose to use my record collection as inspiration.

Here are some photographs of some of my records laid out on my bed. I have always been really inspired by Andy Warhol, which is why I arranged them in a grid like composition.

Arranged on my bed.

Record Detail.

Simon and Garfunkle + Elton John.

The Beatles Ballads and Rodriguz “Cold Fact”.

I love this album. It always reminds me of my mum when I listen to it, because she used to play it when I was a kid.

I heart Pink Floyd.

Love the artwork on this album cover.

One of my favorite portraits of Elton John.

Here is a shot of my print hanging. I printed it onto an old table cloth I got from vinnies. My lecturer told me it looks like a giant handkerchief which is pretty true.

Close up shot.

Relics Detail.

Elton detail.


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